Ja'Wuan James Authentic Jersey  Promoting Agriculture – Africa Agricultural Journalists Network

Agriculture in Africa accounts for over 78% of employment, this makes it the most important activity on the African Continent, Agriculture is a major source of income and employment contributing 34% of the GDP and 64% of the labor force. Agricultural productivity accelerates Africa’s poverty reduction eg, !% increase in agricultural growth could reduce the number of people living on less than a $1 USD per day by between 0.6% and 2%. Africa’s population is expected to reach 4 billion by 2100. Although Africa has in recent years, made significant strides in economic growth, 75% of the poor still depend o Agriculture for their livelihoods and hunger persist.
There continues to indicate significant decline in interest in the agriculture sector, the fall has been tagged to poor marketing of the sector and poor information flow, this has made it harder to appreciate the potential of agriculture as sector, despite government interventions, there still lies a big problem with the flow of information to the rural.
Smallholder Farmers account for up to 80% of food production in Africa , and are by far the biggest economic group accounting for 50% to 70% of the member states economies, yet can only access approximately 0.25% of Agricultural information for development . This lack of accessibility to information is a significant constraint to maximized production.

AAJoNET believes, it is important to build agricultural communication for development, AAJoNET believes, agricultural journalists have a key role to play in changing livelihoods and developing communities. AAJoNET seeks to do this through vital encouraging and promoting of deepened partnership among programs.

The AAJoNET Regional and National representation is geared to ensure that we are developing comprehensive AgriMedia teams who specialize in both agricultural reporting and development communication leading to the development of sustainable agribusinesses and the entire Value chains in Africa’s Agriculture. We further envisage that these will ensure a more robust development of Agricultural reporting and tracking from all regions and allow for a sustained linkage among Journalists who specialize in agriculture reporting for development on the African Continent.

AAJoNET also seeks to promote dialogue among all stakeholders in the CAADP to ensure comprehensive development of the agriculture sector , these stakeholders will range from Africa union commission organs, heads of state, national policy makers, producers (smallholders and large scale), traders, processors and policy makers to raise the overall capacity of the region to succeed in the quest for developing structured agricultural marketing systems.
AAJoNET works through partnerships with various agencies, organizations and federations to ensure attainment of the vision and missions of the network.

AAJoNET Secretariat is registered in Uganda and hosted at the African Forum for Agriculture Advisory services (AFAAS) under the auspice of the African Union Commission, but the Executive Board is made up by members drawn from various Country associations and regional networks, whilst its administration is independent and reports to the board.

AAJoNET has a website to enable a Continental platforms for information sharing in all African regions working closely with regional bodies. The website is a focal point for all information flow on Agriculture

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